There are a variety of chickens at Aim, some of which are available for sale as laying hens, including copper marans, warrens and white leghorns. We also keep seramas, legbar crosses, sussexes and silkies. We can provide advice and courses on keeping and caring for chickens.


We have several sheep breeds at Aim that are raised for their fleece, meat and for teaching animal care for our agriculture classes. From the huge Texel to the rare breeds North Ronaldsay and Soay, we have sheep of all shapes and sizes. Our North Rondaldsays have won at agricultural shows and they produce lovely wool for felting.


There are three main breeds of pig at Aim, all of which are considered to be rare breeds and are monitored by the Rare Breeds Survivial Trust, including British Landrace, Gloucestshire Old Spot and Oxford Sandy and Black.


Aim is home to two alpacas, Nuzzle and Scratch. Scratch is an old boy who is very calm and great for cuddles. Nuzzle, on the other hand, is a young whipper snapper in comparison and is a bit more of a handful!


We have five Muscovy ducks, three females and two males.


We currently keep one breeding pair of Bourbon Reds, a name that is derived from the breed's bright reddish plumage. This breed originates from Bourbon County in Kentucky, USA. They have been selectively bred to have a conformation with a heavy breast and richly flavoured meat. Our breeding pair were hatched at Aim.

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